How do IV Vitamin Drips work?

Let’s be direct. Infusing the body routinely with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids can delay the natural aging process, ward off seasonal bugs and even more ominous conditions.

Infusions involve the direct deposit of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the bloodstream. This increases the absorption of these nutrients into the body by skipping several digestive steps that cause us to lose large amounts of nutrients.

What can an infusion help with?

• Detoxification
• Increasing immune function
• Optimal weight
• Hormone balance
• Quality of sleep
• Pain relief
• Autoimmune conditions

What are they good for?

Infusions can be preventative, but they don’t stop there. When used with the appropriate complementary therapies, an infusion that repair vital cellular components and restore organ functioning.
We offer IV drips to support your ongoing health and wellness goals or aid in recovery needs such as headaches, flus, hangovers, or general inflammation. Enhance your memory and alertness, help detoxify and cleanse your body, reduce viral illnesses, and boost your immune system.

Types of Vitamin Drips:

Basic Vitamin

This drip is intended to support optimal cellular function and gene expression through the introduction of a medley of amino acids, b-complex solution, extra B-6, B-5 and B-12 and folic acid. This drip is intended for those that are deficient in basic vitamins and amino acids, are building muscle and/or training for an event, or are looking to boost their resilience to cold and flu or struggling with chronic pain.

Myers Push Cocktail

IV vitamin and mineral combination that contains magnesium, trace minerals, vitamin B6, vitamin B12,  Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin C. As an energy and immune booster, it can help symptoms of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, migraines and muscle spasms. This treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Clutathione Push

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that cleans up free radicals, promotes optimal cellular functioning and is associated with anti-aging.

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Vitamin + Amino Acid

This drip is intended to support optimal cellular function and gene expression through the introduction of a medley of amino acids, b-complex solution, extra B-6, B-5 and B-12 and folic acid. Can boost resilience to cold and flu or struggling with chronic pain.


Is it time for spring cleaning? This infusion can help remove cellular debris. It includes the minerals zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium, and provides vitamins such as ascorbic acid, a variety of vitamin B’s, and folic acid. You’ll also be receiving taurine, molybdenum and lymphomyosot.

Slim Down

Multiple factors affect the bodies’ ability to burn fat. One factor is our cells’ ability to uptake fats from the blood. This infusion provides Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that has been shown to help our cells use fatty acids for energy. Taurine is supplied as its side-kick, to strengthen muscles and help increase blood flow. This infusion also provides methionine, inosol, choline, B-6, B-100 complex, B-5 and vitamin C. We strongly recommend booking the PTC infusion prior to this therapy for best results.

Slim Down

Take charge of your dehydration, whether from a long night out or heavy duty activity, this infusion will have you recharged and ready to go on your next adventure. An infusion of sterilized water, calcium, magnesium and potassium can help set your body back to balance. Additional B vitamins help to chill you out, relieving the anxiety that dehydration can often cause.

Mind Sharpener

Be the sharpest tool in the box. This infusion is for those who are looking to clarify their minds, speed up their processing time and boost their brain chemistry for a stream-lined thought process. Major minerals provide the brain with materials to divide and conquer the load, while amino acids provide the structure to keep things efficient. This infusion includes 1-3 grams of glutathione, a system cleanser, to clean up free-radicals and waste that could be slowing you down. It is finished with an infusion of Phosphatidylcholine, a major component of the cell wall that is vital for the optimal functioning of the brain.

Stress Buster

Experience the comfort of feeling at home within yourself. This infusion includes Tryptophan, the major amino acid responsible for the ease and slumber after a turkey dinner. Along with taurine and glycine, this medley of amino acids can help bring yourself back to centre. With a large dose of glutathione, a system cleanser, it leaves your body stress-free and ready to start fresh.

Libido Boost

Stoke your fire with the infusion of revitalizing amino acids and heart healing vitamins and minerals. This infusion is intended to increase your blood flow, energy and resilience to stress and other factors so that you can explore your limitless sexuality.

Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

Phosphatidylcholine (PTC) is a key component to the cellular membrane which decreases with age, stress and illness. Low levels of phosphatidylcholine have been associated with decreased liver functioning and disease due to reduced membrane fluidity. PTC has also shown to affect heart health, high levels of PTC have shown to increase ‘good’ cholesterol while decreasing triglycerides and other harmful fats. This treatment is excellent for those who have been struggling with chronic illness, sustained liver damage from pharmaceuticals or alcohol, exposure to environmental toxins or are recovering from a serious infection.

Tissue and Wound Healing

A major repair requires recovery time, support and care. At times, our bodies need extra nutrients to repair damaged tissue due to a variety of reasons. Chronic inflammation is a primary culprit for preventing tissue repair, which often results after a prolonged state of injury. This infusion serves as a full-profile nutrient supplementation while also clearing cellular damage. This infusion supplies major minerals, amino acid building blocks and vitamins. It is finished with a 200 mg glutathione push to clear cellular waste to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC)

As a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C has shown to scavenge free radicals, boost the immune system and promote optimal cellular functioning. We offer infusions of 25, 50 and 75g of Vitamin C per session, duration of treatment depends on the dose of Vitamin C you choose, but expect to be with us for 1-2.5 hours. See our

People Say

I have tried quitting smoking 100 times using gum, patches, fake cigarettes, herbals, even prescriptions, nothing worked more than 4 months. I failed every time because it involved ‘weaning’ myself off of nicotine, and the craving never really subsided. With laser smoking cessation I’ve had no cravings at all.
Paul- Bolton
Smoking Cessation
Naturopath Program $399
$299Signature Program
  • 3 Sessions- 1 Initial & 2 "Boosters"
  • Laser Therapy, Behavior Counseling,
  • Holistic Assessment, Detox planning
Weight Loss
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  • Custom Laser Treatments
  • Holistic Assessment
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Exercise Planning
  • Weekly Plan Adjustments
Stress-Insomnia-Pain- Anxiety
Initial Treatment- $149
$99Subsequent visit
  • Package 3 Sessions- $269
  • Package 5 Sessions-$399
Low Level Facials/IPL Rejuvenation/Acne Blue Laser
$149Initial Treatment
  • Subsequent visit- $99-$199
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Fat Freeze- Body Sculpting
$399Special: Treatment Med Area Reg. $700-$1000
  • 2 Treatments Med Area Reg. $1800-$2000 Special $599
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