Insurance Coverage

Understanding your Employee Benefits

There has become a growing interest in wellness and work-life balance.  At the same time, access to mainstream health care has become more difficult, resulting in Paramedical Coverage filling in for this need.

Interestingly, the majority of people do not require a doctor’s note or referral to paramedical practitioners.  This is most likely because employers recognize that many people may not have a family doctor, or they may have to pay for a note. In addition, they might have to miss work time to attend the doctor’s office.
Since coverage is often offered through a Health Spending Account where the employee has the discretion of how to spend the money, requiring a doctor’s note creates an unnecessary barrier and doesn’t make sense to most employers.

What is Paramedical?


Most benefit plans cover you for services for various paramedical practitioners such as Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, osteopath, podiatrist, Naturopathic Doctors, chiropodist, registered massage therapist, and speech therapist, Acupuncturist etc.

As well, some companies have a Smoking Cessation products and Services spending allowance. For those interested in our Smoking Cessation Program, please consult your plan administrator.

Insurance companies establish an allowable calendar year maximum amount. Please consult your benefit booklet or ask your plan administrator for the exact amount.
The most common allowable amount is $500 per practitioner, per calendar year.

In order to Understand Your benefits you must contact your Plan Administrator or Insurance Provider

When contacting your provider you must have your policy number on hand

When speaking to a representative from the Insurance company ask :

  • What type of Paramedical Benefits do you have?
  • What is the maximum amount for each visit?
  • What is the total amount per year that you will be covered for?
  • Does this amount expire on each anniversary of your coverage, or do they accumulate?
  • What other flexible spending accounts do you have available through your policy.

What Paramedical Practitioners are offered by LaserIntervention& Wellness?

Naturopathic Doctors:
Our Naturopathic Doctors are trained and certified in LLLT, but can also administer traditional Naturopathic Doctors treatment options, with dietary advice and nutritional supplements where appropriate.

Trained and certified in LLLT, but can address issues relevant to their scope. (most pain management conditions)

Laser Therapists:
Fully trained and certified in LLLT.