Corporate Wellness

LaserIntervention and Wellness is the market leader in designing and implementing on-site corporate wellness, Stress Reduction and Smoking Cessation Programs.

Our consultants and health care professionals assist Human Resource Professionals in their efforts to create a “culture of health” in their workplace. A culture of health is defined as an organizational climate that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

This has become a priority for many organizations, as the numerous benefits to both employees and the organization are significant and undeniable. Research shows that workplace health programs can reduce the cost of absenteeism and insurance claims by more than 25%.

HR Professionals

LaserIntervention assists HR Professionals in educating their employees on how their health can be enhanced through existing workplace benefits. We then design on-site programs to maximize the positive health effects of these benefits for each individual employee.

An organization that features employee health as a core value will enjoy lower turnover rates, reduced absenteeism and higher rates of productivity. A culture of health is also important for organizations in attracting the best talent available in an ever shrinking labour pool.

Corporate Wellness Management Services

LaserIntervention focuses on both individual and organizational outcomes

We develop and implement corporate wellness strategies including:

  • Planning, Implementing and Coordinating comprehensive wellness programs
  • Delivering Focused Programs and assisting Employees in Achieving their Wellness Goals
  • Tracking and Evaluating Program Outcomes and overall Strategic Results
  • Wellness Clinics, Wellness information Seminars, Health Fairs
  • Programs promoting Healthy lifestyle & Awareness
  • Nutrition & Weight Management Programs
  • Stress Management Programs
  • Motivation Programs
  • Smoking Cessation  Programs

Onsite Programs

LaserIntervention and Wellness will work with your organization to design and administer an on site program, or a series of programs. Our registered Naturopathic Doctors Doctors (ND) administer General Wellness programs at your place of business. These programs focus on the overall health of individual employees, and a wide range of conditions can be addressed and treated via LLLT and/or traditional ND treatments and therapies.

We also have on-site programs to deal with specific health issues, such as smoking, stress relief and weight loss.

LaserIntervention has a widely acclaimed, custom designed LLLT smoking cessation program. Employees who smoke generally have a greater variety of health issues that result in lower productivity and higher rates of absenteeism, turnover and insurance claims. Our program boasts an extremely high success rate, resulting in a number or short and long term benefits to both the employee and the organization. This program is often carried out to compliment existing wellness initiatives within an organization.

Smoking and the Bottom Line: The Costs of Smoking in the Workplace

Buck Consultants’ third annual Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies poll of more than 1100 organizations from over 45 countries finds that the most powerful drivers for wellness strategies among Canadian employers are mental health issues, including stress.

LaserIntervention ND’s combine stress reduction strategies, Naturopathic Doctors supplements and remedies with the natural stress reducing properties of LLLT to effectively reduce stress in the workplace. Unhealthy levels of stress can result in a variety of physical and psychological conditions that negatively impact health, productivity, work attendance, turnover and insurance claims. A Stress Relief Program from LaserIntervention will reduce incidents of employee “burnout” and enhance the mood of the workforce.

I have had a history of anxiety and stress for as long as I can remember. I didn't want to take the drugs I kept getting prescribed..I thought I would try laser ..After a few sessions I already began to feel better..I slept better, I'm more relaxed..I deal with situations with alot more ease...
Joeseph- Maple

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Complimentary Consultation

Contact LaserIntervention and Wellness to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Corporate Wellness Specialists. This is the first step towards establishing organizational wellness objectives, and in designing a custom program that will establish a culture a health within your company.