Cellulite & Fat Loss- Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is effective in reducing cellulite, a condition which affects most women over 20, whether slim or overweight. Ultrasound Cavitation works by breaking down deep stubborn local fat tissues which are subsequently disposed of through the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation:

  • Removes fat cells.
  • Cellulite Loss.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Improves lymph and blood circulation.
  • Tightens connective tissue.
  • Stimulates new collagen production.
  • Helps remove toxins.
  • No downtime. No Pain.

How does Ultrasound Cavitation Work?

Ultrasonic cavitation disrupts fat cell membranes, which results in the release of stored fat into the interstitial fluid around the fat cell. This fat is then taken up by the lymphatic and blood vessels and can be oxidised (burned) for energy, and further expelled from our bodies.

As the fat membrane is disrupted/broken and fat is spilled out of the fat cell, the fat cell itself dies , leaving nearby tissues, such as collagen cells (fibroblasts) do not get affected negatively by the ultrasound. In contrast they actually benefit from the stimulus provided by it. This stimulation leads to  increased collagen synthesis.

Fibrosis (scar tissue inside the skin ) is also known to be reduced by ultrasound.

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People Say

I have tried quitting smoking 100 times using gum, patches, fake cigarettes, herbals, even prescriptions, nothing worked more than 4 months. I failed every time because it involved ‘weaning’ myself off of nicotine, and the craving never really subsided. With laser smoking cessation I’ve had no cravings at all.
Paul- Bolton
Smoking Cessation
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Fat Freeze- Body Sculpting
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