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Laser Intervention

Allow your body to purge nicotine

While the residual effects of nicotine mind conditioning may have led you to believe otherwise, Nicotine ONLY has a three to five day hold on your system. That’s it! Three to five days! No more. No less.

What your nicotine addiction also leads to you believe, is that you its hold on system is strong. This is a MYTH! Nicotine’s hold on your system is based on the conditioning of your mind and its “actual” hold on your body is WEAK!

How do you let your body do its job and purge nicotine? DON’T INHALE SMOKE OR SECOND-HAND SMOKE FOR THREE TO FIVE DAYS! Do you think you can do that? During the three to five day period needed to purge nicotine from your system, if you do not restore your endorphin production to normal levels, you will normally feel symptoms of withdrawal. But remember, it’s ONLY for three to five days!

To relieve withdrawal symptoms, you must “naturally” stimulate endorphin release, because nicotine will control endorphin production until it is completely purged from your system. There are many ways to stimulate natural endorphin production, but NONE surpass the immediate effects created by laser therapy endorphin stimulation.

If you are committed to your goal, and believe that NOT feeling the full effects of withdrawal can help you reach your quit smoking goal; then laser therapy along with therapeutic behaviour counseling can help you succeed!

If you are ready to commit to this goal, then you truly CAN quit smoking and rid cigarettes from your life FOREVER! Your body will NEVER fail to remove nicotine from your system! If you just let your body do its job, your body WILL DEFEAT your addiction each and every time it tries!

If it sounds simple, that’s because IT IS! If you remove the hold nicotine has on your system (endorphin production), you are ONLY fighting nicotine (which is weak) and NOT your body, which is strong.

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