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Why can’t I quit smoking?

Extended exposure to cigarette smoke will allow nicotine to assert control over your endorphin production system; making your body rely on nicotine for endorphin production and rebel against you during nicotine abstinence.

When an adequate level of nicotine in your body is not maintained, your endorphin production lowers and your body’s natural defence-system will react to ensure that production levels return to normal.

These defensive reactions produce within you, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal: decreased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, headaches, increased appetite and weight gain, insomnia, irritability, and depression.

For each symptom you do not react to, your body will continue to produce more and more symptoms, until you do react. In order stop these feelings you must either ride out the three to five days it takes to purge nicotine from your system or concede to your cravings.

If you do not give into these cravings, then you are stuck in an “Endorphin Denial Trap”, where nicotine turns your body against you; so that you will indeed ingest more nicotine to stop the withdrawal symptoms.

Your body NEEDS a healthy level of endorphin production to function properly. Because of your addiction to nicotine, your body can no longer produce endorphins on its own and must rely on nicotine for the endorphin supply it needs to function properly.

Since nicotine is in control of your endorphin production and your body can’t produce them naturally anymore, you are caught in what is called an “endorphin denial trap”.

This is where your own body will rebel against you and force you to feel withdrawal symptoms if you do not smoke a cigarette, because this is ONLY way it knows how to release the hold nicotine has on your system, and restore endorphin production.

Do you understand how being in an endorphin denial trap, can produce an internal conflict that can hammer at your quit smoking resolve and break it to pieces?

Not only do you have to FIGHT yourself just to quit smoking; your body knows all of your weaknesses and is willing to exploit every one of them to win the fight, because it NEED endorphins to function

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